Without a doubt, laptops have become an integral part of our lives. We use them at home, take them to work and utilize them even when we are on the move in order to get instant access to internet and electronic documents. And, this craze for laptop is not slowing down, at least in the near future. Thanks to the latest breed of portable device that is exceptionally light in weight and houses latest technology that can sweep you off your feet with its super-fast processing speed.        

Having said that, a laptop is still an asset and if you fail to take good care of it you’ll never be able to make the most of it. Whether it boasts the latest processor and or an exceptional RAM. Only with right action, you can use it for several years to come and not just for the next quarter or so.  Oxford Laptop Repairs has listed some useful tips below to help you out in this regard:


The performance of your laptop predominantly relies on the condition of its hardware. Though it’s never easy to evade the usual wear-and-tear, but you can keep its hardware in the best possible shape by following these instructions:

  • Using a padded case or protection sleeve is not a bad idea, when it comes to protecting your laptop because not every other laptop can endure knocks, drops and spills. 
  • But averting heat is perhaps the biggest problem that laptop owners face. You can avoid this issue by regularly cleaning out the fan and inlets of your laptop since these hardware components usually get clogged with dust. 
  • The display, keyboard and tracking pad of the laptop also require protection, as food and liquid spills can put stains or cause serious damage to them. So keep food and liquids away from your laptop at all times and clean your system with lint-free cloth and or compressed air blower.   


Maintaining hardware alone will not give you the performance that you deemed for. In order to extend the life of your portable device you need to keep an eye on its operating system as well. Here are some useful instructions that may help you:

  • Infiltration of malicious programs such as viruses, spyware and others can seriously dent your efforts to protect your laptop. To get rid of this issue, you have to install an antivirus software, which will actively monitor and protect your laptop from malicious programs. 
  • In case, there are any unneeded files in your system delete them from your drive to avoid building up junk of needles files as it not only adversely effects the speed of your laptop but also occupies valuable memory.