Unfortunately MacBook do get slow over the course of time. This can be very frustrating for any user. But the good news is, this problem can be fixed and there are several ways to do that. However, before you get started with the maintenance, Oxford Laptops Repairs, a leading laptop repair service provider in Oxford, would advise you to take precautionary measures and secure your data by storing it on an external drive. Once you have safely stored your data, then you are good to go.

  • Clear Your Drive

Obviously, not many are keen to get inside their MacBook’s case as soon as they start seeing a spinning beach ball because it’ not necessary that there is a hardware issue. In most cases, users have managed to speed up their Macs simply by removing needless files and apps from their drive, which they have cluttered over the period of time.

So start off by peeking into your Applications and Downloads folder. If you find any apps in there that are completely useless for you, instantly move them to Trash and free your hard drive space. Moving unnecessary apps to Trash alone isn’t enough. You also need to discard the files that are associated with these apps, as they stay behind even when you remove an application.  

Once you are done removing the applications, then move onto the files that are hampering your drive. Make use of the Finder to search such files. Simply open the Finder and choose the size of the files you like to find. Next up, click on File and hit Find. Then choose the Kind option to access Other.

When a window with Select attribute pops up in front of you, check the File Size box only and uncheck others before clicking OK. Now change the Equals option with Is Greater Than and KB with MB. After that enter a file size, let’s say, 100MB and start deleting the useless files that show up on your screen.

On the other hand, you can simply move them to an external drive, in case, you believe you can use them again.

  • Upgrade Your OS X

The Cupertino-based company releases new editions of its OS X from time to time, which are available to users as free upgrades. A new version of OS X comes pack with numerous security improvements as well as performance enhancements that enable them to keep their Macs running safely and smoothly. So there is no harm in checking for OS X updates, once in a while.   

To Be Continued….