What is the Time Duration for repairing a Laptop or Computer?

Mostly, the faults are removed within two working days but in most cases, the problems are fixed in the same day if parts are available or there is no major issue. If parts are not available, it is requested to the customer to come next day. We, at Fonfix 4 U, understand the importance of laptop and computer in your life so our priority is to solve your problem as quickly as possible. We guarantee you about your laptop and its data and security during the presence at Fonfix 4 U (Oxford Laptops Repairs).

What are the charges for computer repairing at FonFix 4 U?

Mostly Our pricing is fixed and you have no need to worry about the difference in prices in comparison with other organizations. We inform our customers after investigating the problem and normally there will be no change at the end of the repair. Sometimes, there may the requirement to replace some other devices as well, but you are informed before doing anything which will affect the cost at the end. The diagnosis process has the different rate but can be adjusted if you will confirm the repair. We do not hide anything from our customers and tell the exact charges before starting our work.

What will be the advantage if we consult with Oxford Laptops Repairs for laptop repairs in Oxford?

Most of our customers are our regular visitors while others come after getting recommendations from our regular customers. We have no proper marketing campaigns as we are working on our skills and expertise. Our technicians have developed their reputation among the citizens of Oxford and try to consult Fonfix 4 U (Oxford Laptops Repairs) in case of any problem with their laptop.

Can you replace the screen of my laptop which has been broken yesterday? What will be the process?

Screen replacement is not a difficult task for our technicians, but it can be a long process. We will remove the broken screen first as we have to identify the model of the screen and it can be found only after removing it as the model number is available on the backside of the screen. As the screens have different models, so we have to consult our vendors about the availability of the screen. If any of the vendors has the exact model, he will notify us and we will receive it within three to five working days. If you want to get the solution earlier, you will have to pay extra shipping charges.

Can you recover my data from my Hard Drive?

Basic data recovery services are available at Fonfix 4 U (Oxford Laptops Repairs) if your hard drive is not damaged physically or there is no clicking noises or beep in it. If the condition is worse, we can solve it as well, but it will take time as there is a need of advanced recovery methods and steps.

Why should I consult Oxford Laptops Repairs rather than some large laptop repair companies in Oxford?

We provide all the services to our customers personally and have developed a relationship with them. We claim that our performance in laptop repair in Oxford is marvelous and our customers never come any other place if they have visited once. We follow the deadlines and provide fast and instant solutions to our customers. We finish our tasks normally in two working days while big brands give you the time of more than five working days which is unbearable for those who use laptop for their business activities. Most of repairing activities are performed on our premises also and the laptops are not sent anywhere.

What will be the warranty after repairing laptop?

It depends as if we are replacing any part, we will give a warranty of one year. If we will use second hand part, we will inform you or will do it after your recommendation. We provide excellent customer support services and deal with all fairness. If you will recommend other for laptop repair in Oxford, we will give you some extra advantages also for making your experience better.

Do you provide the services to the business organization on contract basis?

Yes, we provide the laptop repair services to many business organizations in Oxford. You can contact us through our telephone lines and email for further assistance.

What are your service areas in the United Kingdom?

We provide services in Oxford and its surroundings. (You can tell us some more areas as well)

What is the solution if a laptop is has been damaged due to water?

if your laptop has been damaged due to water, you are going to face a very unpredictable and problematic issue. If you are feeling that the water has damaged only a single portion, in most of the cases, it does not happen. Water damages most of the computer and mostly, you cannot claim the warranty also as companies do not cover the water damage. We, at Fonfix 4 U (Oxford Laptops Repairs), will guide you in the right direction after diagnosing the whole system accordingly.

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