The iPhone is the most executive smartphone of the present age. Everyone has a dream to have a latest iPhone in his or her custody. It is due to the fact that this cell phone has unique features and applications which other phones do not provide. Due to its complexity, iPhone also have a range of mobile applications and people love to use these apps frequently.

As the iPhone has a vast range of apps and these apps slow down the speed and sometimes, it sticks due to the load of these applications. These apps cannot be deleted also as other phones provide this facility. Some of the apps are the key of the phone and has the importance like iPhone own app, but some of the apps have no or small value, and sometimes there is no need of these apps at all.

A new trick has been found through which you can make your iPhone clutter free and easy to use. This trick will give you some fresh air and if someone objects that it is for a short while, he is right. But the fact is that it is the only way. We, at Oxford Laptops Repairs, can say that if it is beneficial although, for a short time, but it will be good for your iPhone as our professionals and technical experts confirm.

This new trick will hide all unused apps for your iPhone and you will us some folders for hiding. You take all unused applications from the screen and put these files into some other folders. It is not important which type of app is in which folder. If you are not using an app so it is not your concern where it is being placed. You just want to get rid of any app and by doing this, you are achieving this target.

Now your task is to go into the folder, find the app, which should be in jiggle mode, and press on hold so by doing this, you can move it around. If you have the capacity to pick it up, pick it and drag into the next folder which will be empty, so you should drop it into this empty folder.

You will two dots at the bottom so you will have the option to pick it up again and drag it again. When it will reach there, press on hold of getting the app and drag it to the right by keeping hold on it along with tapping the home button. By doing this activity, we assure you that all the garbage will be disappeared.

Although, you have got rid of unwanted mobile apps now, but it does not anywhere and will come back when you will restart your mobile. As these apps are still on your iPhone, these will occupy the space as occupied before. But the reality is that it is the best technique for removing unwanted mobile apps temporarily.

Although other techniques are also in use, but it is the latest. You will have to wait for any other technique as it is the best at the moment, so stick on it for the time being.

It is the mindset of the user that most of the apps are useless, but these apps are in use and the iPhone has to work on. It seems that these apps cannot be removed without updating the operating system so we can only assume that this issue will be removed in the next version of the iPhone.