Smartphones have now become the most advanced devices in the world as new and latest technologies are being incorporated in these devices. Now smartphones have high resolution screens, huge memories and heavy processors and along with that, these can handle complex problems and multitasking activities easily. It has now become difficult to spend a full day with batteries and it is due to excessive use of these devices. Power banks have now become the permanent part of smartphones and people carry this extra luggage with them.

Laptops are even in more use as these machines normally have numerous options and features and you have no time to leave these machines free. Lithium Poly and Lithium ion batteries are normally attached with our systems. These batteries charge quickly so do not have a long life. Battery life is shorter than the life of laptop and you require the replacement of batteries after few months. We want to give you some tips so you can increase battery life of smartphone, laptop and tablets. You can enjoy stress free time with your electronic devices without any fear of loss of battery life by implementing following tips:

    • First step to increase your battery life is to keep it cool. If temperature is high or your machine is heating up, you should take care of your battery. The temperature should be less than 30 degree celsius or 86 degree fahrenheit so do not leave your system under the sun or in your vehicle and use minimum at room temperature. If you will keep your machine cool, battery life will increase. Some external devices are also in use for keeping the temperature normal during the usage of laptops.


    • Paid applications are very good for your devices as these are supportive for your batteries. Free applications can damage your batteries along with your machines as well. All free applications are not harmful but you should take care of advertisements available in these applications to provide you a better environment to your machine and its battery.


    • Location tracking also consumes battery hugely as it works continuously if GPS module is on. To increase the timing of battery, you should turn off location tracking if have no need of location.


    • Full depth charge can be harmful for your devices so keep it simple and do not try to recharge full. Your battery should be in between 80% to 30% as it increases the discharged cycles three times and make your devices healthy.


    • Display Brightness can also damage your battery as it consumes battery more than any other issue. Although brightness gives a long view but it decreases the life of the battery so decrease the time of display brightness as it will support your battery for a longer period of time.


  • Some smaller steps can also support your devices. Low power mode have been incorporated in Android phones more than 5.0 or lollipop so you can use this feature. This feature automatically activate the syncing feature to deactivate location tracking, background app refreshes and many other activities. If you are in a plane than you should activate flight mode. By doing this, you can save your battery time and use your devices for more time.

All these steps are basically the guidelines through which you can save your battery timings and increase life time of the battery of your laptop, smartphone and tablet.