In the modern world, where technological changes are to its peak, the computer has now become an integral part of every house so you will see computer and laptop experts everywhere. They portray themselves as one who know everything about the computer. With the support of so called, experts, some myths have been developed in the society. As you know, it is very difficult to break the myths, but we, at, have taken the responsibility to break these myths and convey the actual information to all of our customers and readers.

We love our electronic gadgets while we have a laptop, tablet, Mac or a smartphone so we take care of these gadgets because they cost much. We always try to protect these devices from any problem, we do what we know and what we have been told by homemade computer experts. The information will be helpful for you to protect your computers and laptops actually.

  • The first myth which has been established and found the space in our minds that the slowness of the computers is due to the malware attack on it. We think that computers slow only due to the viruses in our systems. The reality is that we open several programs and all these programs load through RAM. If our RAM is small, the programs will open slowly and we will feel that our system is not working properly. There can be the issue of many plug-ins and add-ons also which have been installed frequently. The reality is that we should be conscious about viruses, but it does not happen regularly.
  • Defragmentation is our favorite hobby and we do this practice regularly. We have been told that it will refresh our computer and will run faster. Most of us do not know that almost all operating systems of the present age have the facility of SSD which means Solid State Drive. The quality of this drive that it performs fragmentation automatically and random thats why we want to do it manually. All the latest operating systems do the fragmentation regularly so we have no need to worry about it.
  • Some homemade experts also suggest that we should not shut down our computers daily; rather we should leave it on hibernation. They say that by doing this, the system remains on a rest, which is good for it. This myth has also been developed among the masses, but they do not know that viruses and hackers attack on the systems during this time, so the better choice is to shut it down properly.
  • We think that the deletion process helps the hard drive so we regularly delete the files and folders. Although, you can find new space by deleting older folders and files, but this activity does not support if you are thinking that these will be removed from your system. You can do it by performing the activities of wiping out the data, using third party tools for removing the data permanently or destroying the hard drive.
  • We normally think that hackers will not come towards our computers as we have nothing for them. It can be our thinking, but it does not happen. Hackers always want to find new data and information which they can utilize in their other activities so they are always ready to hack anything which can be helpful.

These are some of the myths which have been developed and accepted in our societies and we religiously believe in. Laptop repair companies have the responsibility to convey the real knowledge of laptops and computers so such types of myths can be removed from the minds of the people.