Most of the people, who have some know how about computers, have the opinion that laptop repairing is much more time consuming and challenging activity when they compare it with some desktop machine. Laptops are difficult to open and diagnose the problem easily while desktops are easier to handle and manage. This statement discourages those people whose laptops are facing some minor issues and they are planning to repair by themselves. There are some major issues which create laptops so much challenging and problematic and due to these reasons, you have to spend a lot more time for repairing laptops.

The major reason which makes laptops, difficult in comparison of desktop computers is the architecture. These devices are different from desktops in manufacturing and the working of the laptop is also different. Dismantling process is the first step and if you are not an expert, you can make your life difficult if you are dismantling your laptop by yourself. On the other hand, desktop computers can be handled easily as you just to remove the cover of it and all the internal structure will come in front of you. You can remove or upgrade the devices of desktop computers and it is also very easy to fix the components back. Laptops are really very difficult to open as each manufacturer has its own mindset so there is a huge difference in assembling of laptops. If you want to repair laptop, you should all the information of different brands so you can open the laptop easily.

When we talk about the internal structure, the laptops are even trickier than the assembling. When you open the laptop, you cannot diagnose the problem easily. Normally, the parts have been broken when you open the laptop and you cannot replace these parts easily. The rigidity of laptops irritates you and some people even create more issues in laptop. On the other hand, desktop computers are just like a LEGO toy, you can easily replace or remove any component and fix it back without any problem. In laptops, you cannot even touch any of the components like video card, graphics card or sound card, if you have done it, it is the possibility that you will have to replace the motherboard now and it is going to be more expensive than the laptop itself.

The biggest problem related to laptop is the display. If the display is an issue, it can be a nightmare for an individual or sometimes even for experts. All the manufacturers of laptops have arranged it according to their wish and if you are facing this issue, you are going to spend a lot and even you cannot get any guarantee from a laptop repair technician. If this issue arises in desktop computer, you just have to replace the old screen and place a new one.

Although all these scenarios are frustrating you, but you should be hopeful as there are expert technicians in the market who can handle all such types of laptop issues. Laptop repair companies have established themselves in such a way that people come there for solving their problems. If you need a laptop repair company in Oxford, We can handle and manage all types of laptop issues, whether your laptop is not working properly or you are facing display issues. We have technicians and experts who have been working in laptop repairing industry for many years and confident that they are a part of one of the best laptops repairing company in Oxford.