If it’s a high-tech token of appreciation you are looking to buy for that special someone, then there are countless gadgets you can choose from. However, choosing the right gift is a daunting task, especially when you have to pick one from a wide ranging collection of compelling products that are vying to grasp your attention.

Fortunately for you, Oxford Laptops Repairs has compiled a list of five hybrid computers that can prove ideal gifts for someone special on this New Year’s Eve. Because a hybrid computer is two gifts in one since you don’t have to pick between giving a tablet or a laptop, whether you select a fold-back model or a detachable screen laptop.  

Lenovo Yoga 900

Lenovo has surely come a long way and its latest and greatest Lenovo Yoga 900 hybrid laptop is certainly worth to buy. Though latest Lenovo Yoga 900 has taken most of its design cues from its predecessor, but its processor is certainly a big exaltation when compared to previous year’s model. The big battery power further boosts the experience of using this hybrid computer.

Toshiba Satellite Radius 12

This portable device come packed with nearly everything you could have wished for. The slim and light weight laptop has a 10-inch screen that brags ultra-high-definition (UHD) 4K-resolution, resulting in a 3,840×2,160-pixel density. The Core i7 CPU, touch screen display, and face recognizing camera makes Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 even more approving. Additionally, you can fold back its screen to convert it into a tablet.   

Acer Switch 10 E

The magnetic hybrid hinge of Acer Switch 10 E may probably remind you of Switch 10, but its powerful hardware and generous 500GB will make you forget everything. The best thing about the computer is you can detach the screen from the keyboard, thanks to its magnetic hinge that makes Acer Switch 10 E a perfect hybrid computer.

Microsoft Surface Book

The smart and thin body of Microsoft Surface Book packs top notch components, including powerful Intel processor. The Nvidia graphics card option adds more value to it. While the high-resolution screen and stylus pen makes it even more appealing. Although Surface Book is not as refined as the 4th gen Surface Pro, yet one cannot put this premium device in the set of computers that are below par.

In case, you can’t afford to buy any of these hybrid computers, you can still give your loved one a gift. Yes! A gift of repair. Bring your loved ones broken laptops or mobile phones to us and we will repair it for you in oxford.