Apple MAC Repair Services
  • My MacBook Pro screen glass cracked broken
  • Liquid was spilled on the computer.
  • It shows a flashing folder and question mark.
  • I don't see any image on the screen, but my Mac seems to turn on.
  • My MacBook Pro freezes or is slow.
  • It won't turn on at all.
  • My MacBook Pro is physically damaged.
Apple Mac Repairs Services in Oxford
Free Mac Diagnostics Service

If you do not know what has been happened to your Mac computer or laptop or you just want to repair it and need quote, you can contact us and we will solve your problem by giving you quote after diagnosing problems and suggest necessary repairing tasks so you can take decisions with free mind whether you want to repair it or not.

Apple Mac Repairs Services in Oxford
Mac LCD Screen & Glass Replacement

Crack is very common in computing devices and when we talk about Mac devices, it is considered a complicated problem. If you want to repair or replace screen or glass at some excellent rates, we will repair your cracked Macbook screen and there will be no compromise on quality. Oxford Laptops Repairs have expertise in Screen Replacement field and been providing services for many years. contact us

Apple Mac Repairs Services in Oxford
MacBook Water Damaged Repair

If the functionality has been stopped or you have lost some functions in your Macbook due to water spilt on it, you can contact with us. We have a complete cleaning process of your device through which we can find out damaged parts. We will gather information after cleaning and ask you before repairing by sending you a quote. Our standard price is £59 if you want to repair your liquid damaged Macbook.

Apple Mac Repairs Services in Oxford
MacBook Pro Windows Installation

Installing Windows or some programs of Windows in Macbook is not an easy task. If you want to run any version of Windows operating system like Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 on your MacBook / MacBook Pro, we can provide you these services at very affordable rates. We have standard price at £49 for Windows installation in Macbook. contact us

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