The charging issue in mobile phones is one of the common problems that every other user have either faced or is confronting with. The frustrating issue really annoys cell phone users because not only the battery charging issue ceases their communication with friends, colleagues and loved ones, but also halts them from using internet. Here are a few mobile phone charging issues that people often come across:

  1. The Battery Don’t Charge At All.
  2. The Battery Charges Very Slowly.
  3. The Battery Charges Only Partly.
  4. The Charging Port is too Lose and Phone Can Only Be Charged Until it is Placed in a Certain Position.

A mobile phone battery usually last for about one to two years.
Oxford Laptops Repairs that also do mobile phone repairs in Oxford, always communicate to its customers that they can get rid of most of the charging issues by replacing their old batteries. However, if your mobile phone battery is used for just a few months, then it is highly likely that there is an issue with the charging cable or port. To ensure that all the connectors are working properly one must thoroughly check them. In case, any of them seems dirty, then use alcohol to clean them. Furthermore, mobile phone users have to ensure that they are using original charging cable.

In case, the charging port is broken or lose, then get it fixed. A highly professional company such as Oxford Laptops Repairs can aid you in this regard, as its staff has the technical knowledge and hands-on experience in phone repairs. But if you have the skill and knowledge to replace a port, then there are several online tutorials that can assist you resolve this issue.

For now, here we have shared a basic guide that will work out well with most of the phones:

The first thing you need to fix a port is parts. This includes:

  1. A Screwdriver
  2. A Plastic Pry Tool
  3. A New Port

Once you get your hands on these parts, then here is what you have to do:

  1. Switch off your mobile phone and place it on a flat table or surface.
  2. Then wear your protective gloves and take out the battery by removing the back cover.
  3. Now take the screwdriver and remove all the screws from the back of the phone with it.
  4. Put the screwdriver aside and grab the pry tool in order to open the housing.
  5. After taking off the housing, unplug the ribbon like cable that draws out from the bottom and extends to the main circuit.
  6. Grasp the pry tool again and use it to take the port cover off.
  7. Use screwdriver to remove the screws of charging port, then slide the port to bring it out of the phone.
  8. Then slide-in the new port and tight the screws up.
  9. Reassemble the parts in reverse order.