The curious nature of children often pushes them to look for electronic devices that their parents or adults use. But the problem arises when these electronic devices become a victim of their curiosity and endure serious damages. This can cause great inconvenience for parents or adults who uses electronics devices as a source to access their work since they have to see past the broken screens and non-functional buttons. Getting a new device is simply not an option for average consumers because they don’t come cheap.

Yet, Don’t Lose Hope…

Oxford Laptops Repairs understands your despair. In fact, to put an end to your misery, the first-rate laptops and mobile phone repair service provider in Oxford has listed five easy solutions to childproof your electronics.   

Screen Protectors – There is no better to protect the delicate screen of your laptop, tablet or smartphone from scratches, scrapes and smears than plastic screen protectors. The high point of using screen protector is it easily sticks to the screen and works as a barrier to prevent outside forces from damaging it. All you need to do is to find a screen protector that fits your device’s screen. You can find an extensive variety of such protectors across many electronic stores.     

Phone or Tablet Cases – Children often end up cracking your device screens or completely breaking them when they get a hold of them. Mostly this happens in case of accidental drops because their little hands cannot grip electronic devices firmly, especially if they are heavy. You can evade this situation by leveraging a phone or tablet case. The soft and rubber edges of the case will dispel the force in case of crash landing.   

Turn Off Buying Options – A general observation is majority of the children are keenly interested in handling electronic devices because they want to play games. From Candy Crush to Farmville, all such games lure little minds with their alluring graphics and ease to play. However, sometimes kids wander into app stores and accidentally end up buying games without even knowing.

Therefore, getting a screen protector or device case alone won’t resolve your problem. In order to completely childproof your device it is also essential that you must protect the content of your phone or tablet by turning off all the buying options. You can find child-safe mode in many latest devices, which can be used for this very reason.  

Use Passwords – Use of passwords is another way to protect your delicate content and files from getting deleted accidentally. By setting passwords, you will gain more control of your device as you have a clear idea what the young ones can see and access.