The popularity of smartphones and mobile devices is growing at a rapid speed in the whole world and people are now trying to spend more and more money for purchasing the best cell phone available in the market. Although there is a trend of second hand mobile phone purchasing also at its peak in developing countries, but first choice is to purchase a brand new mobile phone. Sometimes, people spend the entire month’s salary to get the latest brand of their choice.

With the increase in sales of smartphones, the chances of theft and other accidental damages have also been increased. People spend a handsome amount for purchasing mobile and this amount is normally collected with great effort so they are conscious about the protection of these devices. Due to the fear of theft, the trend of using gadget protection tools and mobile insurance is increasing. The good idea is that you should insure your mobile right after the purchasing in which you have to pay a small premium and the mobile is insured.

Opting the option to have a mobile with insurance is a good practice. It gives your mobile the protection and you can afford to have an expensive mobile with you. Mobile insurance gives you two types of insurances. One of which is definitely against the theft or any accidental damage due to any mishap on the road. You will have to pay a very simple and small premium against the insurance. After that, you will be protected and in case of theft and accidental damage, you can recover your money and purchase a new smart phone of your choice with the latest apps in it.

This insurance gives you support in a second way also. Smart phones have a warranty and you can claim any ambiguity or problem on your smart phone during warranty. After the end of this warranty, any problem or issue will cost you heavily so through the insurance option, you can extend the warranty. In this case, if your mobile is doing some problems, you can repair it with the insured amount so it will give you the advantage to use a smart phone for a longer period of time.

Although, the benefits of mobile insurance are good, but there are some issues as well related to it. In this fast age of technology, new brands are coming with a great speed and normally people want to change their smart phones just after six months or so. For those people, insurance companies have not prepared any plans. There is a need for improvement in the workings of insurance companies so all the people may get the equal opportunity and enjoy the relaxed life with their expensive smart phone.

Expensive smartphones normally have a long life. If you have a smart phone of good brand and there is a problem with it, you can contact mobile repair companies in your locality as OxfordLaptopsRepairs is a mobile repair company in Oxford. It provides laptop and mobile repair services here and in the surrounding areas of Oxford.